What we do

What we do

Our mission is to create and develop the most innovative management skills for the emerging leaders in Government, Corporations and Manufacturing in order to accomplish their goals of sustainable policy and business initiatives at global scale. With this primary mission, our focus is to deliver the best practice learning experience from the real world of economics and business development. Our focus is flexible enough to expand our effort in bringing emerging leaders from around the world in the areas of business, public policy, and academia for a productive conversation. This ongoing conversation and expert advice will transform the economic development and business practices into sustainable institutions of the twenty first century.


A central mission of the ISDI is to facilitate the development of management skills of government, business, and non-profit executives and personnel. Our executive leadership training programs include a series of highly structured exercises, case studies, simulations, group work, lectures, individual studies, discussions, and presentations that aim to generate powerful and innovative ideas to solve difficult problems in a more global, integrated, and complex environment. Our instructors and facilitators are highly skilled professionals and active researchers with global reputation. In essence, the ISDI’s goal is to help the participants develop a set of skills and values that will foster the people, the businesses, the communities, and ultimately, the nations.

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International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is a Boston, United States based non profit research organization exploring the inter-relationship among Trade, Technology, Environment, Climate Change, Infrastructure, and Global Sustainable Development with a focus on South Asia.

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