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ISDI mission is to create and develop the most innovative management skills for the emerging leaders in Government, Corporations and NGOs.
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Our focus is to deliver the best practice learning experience from the real world of economics and business development.

Organization and Activism

We are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing issuing challenging the development of countries and societies. We aim to bring together researchers, government and n

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Leadership and Executive Training

The business and political leaders are responsible for guiding a country towards economic development. As part of this process, these leaders need to familiarize themselves with the best management

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Regional Focus

While economic development is often discussed in a general framework, we provide a regional focus. We keep in mind that the best theoretical recommendations may not be easily achieved in real life

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The term Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) was developed back in1960s as a part of corporate responsibility to comply with legislations in order to protect consumers, employees, and other

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About ISDI

International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is a Boston, United States based non profit research organization exploring the inter-relationship among Trade, Technology, Environment, Climate Change, Infrastructure, and Global Sustainable Development with a focus on South Asia.

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