Conference Mission

Conference Mission

ISDI Conferences are to foster debate, discussion, and cooperation among the stakeholders to resolve some of the most pressing issues affecting sustainable growth and development throughout the world. We attempt to spur serious efforts to take advantage of the cutting edge innovations and proven methodologies to help countries develop suitable policies and procedures to empower their citizens. Our conferences are an important vehicle to help us progress towards this goal. 


We have organized annual conferences since 2011. Our conferences are usually held at Harvard University. Boston and its surrounding areas are considered a hub of academic excellence, innovation, and impactful research. It has some of the most prominent universities, research centers, and policy institutions within a very small area. We leverage our partnerships with various other development organizations, business executives, policy makers, researchers, students, and community members to gather at least once a year in Boston. In our conferences, these experts and leaders in their respective fields share their opinions and suggestions on how to bring together all parties together to develop policies that will lead to the betterment of everyone. They provide recommendations on how to improve workers’ safety, support women’s empowerment, child education, health and wellness, and sustainable resourcing.


We will look at how we partner and collaborate in new ways to advance businesses and development, how we structure social and economic policy to improve outcomes for everyone and how we look at the changing consumer trends that will change the shape of the businesses. We depend on the participation and involvement of everyone to make these events successful. We hope you will attend these conferences and help us contribute towards the promise of sustainable growth around the world.

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International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is a Boston, United States based non profit research organization exploring the inter-relationship among Trade, Technology, Environment, Climate Change, Infrastructure, and Global Sustainable Development with a focus on South Asia.

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