What does ISDI do?

A: Over the past few years, ISDI has become a prominent gathering place of development thoughts in and around Boston. From arranging conferences on some of the most pressing issues facing developing countries to organizing professional training opportunities for business executives and political leaders, ISDI attempts to facilitate exchange of ideas and search for sustainable development throughout the world. With the help of our sponsors, partner organizations, and educational institutions, we strive to bring the voices of the ordinary people throughout the world to the forefront so that they can be heard and their interests are represented. Our goal is to seek solutions that will ensure that parties involved are all better off.

How can I get involved?

A: ISDI is open to everyone. We stress respectful debate and engagement among people of all opinions and interests. We are open to partnership opportunities and sponsorships that preserve these core values. We are always seeking volunteers to help make our events a success. If you would like to help us with our conferences – if you would like to speak, present a paper, chair a session, help select papers for presentation, evaluate and edit conference proceedings, or contribute in any other way, please contact us.

Is there any fee to attend the events?

A: No. ISDI does not charge any admission fee to attend our conferences.

Who pays for your conferences?

A: Our conferences are organized on non-profit basis. None of our organizers, volunteers, speakers, or participants receives any direct or indirect compensation for their role in our conference. This is a free and open event. We do not engage in commercial activities. We do not charge any fees to our conference speakers, audiences or participants. We depend solely on our sponsors for paying auditorium room rentals, audio video equipments, light meals (such as coffee and sandwiches), printing materials, brochures, and other unavoidable expenses related to organizing the conference.

Who participates in your conferences?

A: We reach the thinkers, students, leaders, and business executives in a number of developing and developed countries. Our conference participants include a good balance of U.S. and foreign participants. Last year, we brought together Bangladesh garment industry experts, NGO representatives, practitioners from development agencies, and high level policy makers from Bangladesh, Europe, Canada, and the USA. Participants included representatives from Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), Alliance, Accord, international clothing brands and retailers, workers rights groups, international labor organizations, United Nations agencies, and representatives from international financial institutions. We hope to build on our successes. We invite you to become a part of our efforts in promoting sustainable development throughout the world.

What is the objectives of ISDI Conferences

ISDI Conferences aim to celebrate the achievements of Bangladesh globally, as well as discuss future collaborations between Bangladesh and the world that could help accelerate innovation and collaboration into the future. The key areas of discussion in panels and plenaries will be innovative technologies,  commerce, healthcare, frugal innovation, finance, and governance in Bangladesh. ISDI Conferences have been established as an important forum for leaders in industry, academia, and policy makers to discuss current issues and future innovations in the context of Bangladesh, in the region and abroad.

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International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is a Boston, United States based non profit research organization exploring the inter-relationship among Trade, Technology, Environment, Climate Change, Infrastructure, and Global Sustainable Development with a focus on South Asia.

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